Australian Windsurfing

Results 2003

NSW Formula Windsurfing Championships

Belmont 16’ Skiff Sailing Club
11-12 January 2003

A stiff southerly breeze, white knuckles, clenched teeth, boards flying through the air! Some of the best freestyle moves that I have seen for a while. But this was meant to be racing! Very entertaining! Graham and I definitely had the best view of racing from our rescue boat, albeit through a haze of salt spray and the occasional drenching.

35 competitors had registered for the NSW Formula Windsurfing Championships, mostly from NSW but we did have representation from Queensland and Western Australia as well as the UK and New Zealand. By registration time Belmont Bay was bathed in sunlight with a fresh southerly breeze blowing.

Racing was underway at midday. The top and bottom marks of the course explored the extremities of the Bay and still the fleet covered the two lap races within 35 minutes. After three races and a short break the course was moved further out into the Lake to get cleaner air. The breeze had freshened and the racing was now a combination of full on adrenalin pumping excitement and survival. Race 5 saw 13 boards cross the start line on time with a few extras joining the fray shortly after. The remaining half of the fleet enjoyed the spectacle from the relative comfort of the shore.

Sunday’s racing was somewhat more civilized! The breeze, although varying in both strength and direction all day, was mostly 8-15 knots. The variable winds kept the competitors and course -setter on their toes, but by 2.30pm another 4 races had been run. More than enough to decide a worthy Champion.

Phil McGain displayed total composure and set the benchmark for racing throughout the weekend. The battle for the minor placing went on in earnest all weekend. Sam Parker, Mike Nelson and Brett Morris swapped places and were constantly within striking distance of the lead with Sean O’Brien constantly nipping at their heels. And once again some of the most impressive racing was shown by the Youths who were not fazed by the conditions or the competition.

A big thanks to the Belmont 16’ Skiff Sailing Club for hosting the event. Top hospitality and a great sailing venue. The race management team did a top job; Tom Mackel and Ray Frankiewicz on the Start Boat, Graham Morris and Nick Nelson on the Course / Rescue Boat and Trish Nelson on shore. A very efficient team!

      1.  Phil McGain      NSW/USA
      2.  Sam Parker       NSW
      3.  Mike Nelson      NSW
      4.  Brett Morris     NSW
      5.  Sean O’Brien     QLD
      6.  Byron McIlveen   NSW
      7.  Murray Towndrow  NSW
      8.  Rick Murray      NSW     Master
      9.  Nathan Bowness   NSW
      10. Andrew Regan     NSW     Master
      11. Sam Fawkes       NSW     Youth
      12. Wayne Bowness    NSW
      13. Cameron Harrison NSW
      14. Tim Healey       NSW
      15. Luke Johnson     NSW     Youth
      16. Ewan Patterson   NSW
      17. Paul Raven       NSW
      18. Chris Ting       NSW
      19. Rhys Herbert     NSW     Youth
      20. Max Cross        NZ
      21. Steven Floyd     NSW
      22. Tibor Ferenczy   NSW     Master
      23. Ben Fawkes       NSW     Youth
      24. Glen Morrell     NSW     Master
      25. Matt Stevens     WA
      26. Steve Shimeld    NSW
      27. Bruce Healey     NSW     Master
      28. Gary Pyke        NSW
      29. Simon Pearce     UK
      30. Simon Jenns      QLD
      31. Barney Knight    ACT
      32. Ian Knight       ACT
      33. Paul Craig       NSW     Master
      34. Stephen Walsh    NSW
      35. Trent Towndrow   NSW
      36. Nick Martin      NSW

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