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In May 2007, the Techno became an ISAF International Class for young sailors. Since then it has experienced rapid expansion worldwide with new countries and sailing federations - including Yachting Australia - choosing the Techno 293 OD to assist in the development of their youth windsurfing and sailing programs.

The Techno 293 Class is devoted to fostering the development of windsurf racing for competitors under the age of 17 years old around the world through the promotion of an inexpensive racing format.

The T293 Class underpins the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) Racing Structure - supporting the senior and youth programmes of both the International Formula and International Raceboard classes.

Similarly the T293 Class forms part of the "Olympic Pathway", recognised by ISAF as the feeder class to RS:X at Olympic and Youth level.

The International Funboard Class (IFCA) supported the establishment of this "junior" class to support its development programme for slalom and speed disciplines.
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Bic Techno 293

Sail Numbers in Australia

The Australian Windsurfing Assoc. is recognised by the International Windsurfing Association (IWA), International Windsurfing Assoc's and Yachting Australia as the National Authority for issuing sail numbers for Australian Windsurfing classes/etc.

The “Sail Number Registration Policy” is available here...

Bic Techno 293 OD Sail Numbers

The AWA has reserved the following numbers for the exclusive use of Yachting Australia on its Techno 293 (windsurfing training) boards AUS1110,AUS1112-AUS1119 (AUS1111 is not available)

AUS1110 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1111 ADAMSON, CHRIS        WA    
AUS1112 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1113 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1114 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1115 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1116 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1117 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1118 YA, TECHNO 293             R
AUS1119 YA, TECHNO 293             R

Effective 03/03/2015, Techno 293 sailors need to be listed as an AWA member to apply for and/or change their registered sail number.

 The “Sail Number Registration Policy” is available here...

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The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has announced the Bic Techno 293 windsurfer has been chosen as the equipment for the windsurfing events at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore - Jun, 2008

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