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Smackfest Challenge #1

Smackfest #1

The "Smackfest Challenge #1" DVD is ready for your DVD-player! The videos cover the official wavesailing event that took place in February 2003 at the edge of the world in Tasmania, Australia. Heaps of wavesailing action, lifestyle and impressive Tasmanian nature with a soundtrack of the Tassi Band Whale Bone give you an impression about that extraordinary event. In addition to that we provide you the official Smackfest Website, Wallpapers and a mp3 collection of the Soundtrack on the disc.
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Smackfest #2 - Nov 13-20, 2004
Smackfest #3 - TBA - see calendar

Royal Yachting Association (UK)

The RYA windsurfing videos are recognised worldwide as the definitive windsurfing training programs.

The videos are produced by Acrobat Television. They provide training videos for a wide range of national sporting bodies and, using the expertise of leading sports men and women, these training programmes have become the definitive and best selling 'how to' videos and DVD's is their genre.

The current catalog includes: Windsurfing, Sailing, Yachting, Skiing, Snowboarding, Rowing, Health & Safety.

If contacting the RYA is inconvenient, try your local windsurfing shop. Acrobat Television can be contacted to find the location of your nearest distributor/supplier.

New Zealand

The latest Deep Fried movie is well on the way!!!!

Capturing the main action in New Zealand from the last couple of years, and with interviews from visiting pros as well as locals, the movie gives a unique insight into what New Zealand windsurfing is about and some awesome locations in their full glory.