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Simon Lattimer Reports...

Darwin has some top flat water sailing in the Dry season with winds ranging from 15 to 25 plus knots when the southern highs develop over Adelaide. The other very good sailing spot is Gove especially during the dry season.

Situated on the gulf of Carpenteria, Gove gets the full blast of the dry season winds from Queensland with long runs 20 plus knots all day and good jumping waves. It does, like Darwin, rely on the southern highs over Adelaide and Queensland. Being an Aboriginal community, access is limited. You will need permission (almost like having a passport to travel within Australia!!!)

The wet season winds come from the North to Northwest steady ranging from 15 plus knots all day. Cyclones make it worth while and make up for all those missed days. While you can sail all year round a stinger suit is advisable in the wet season. Sailing is safe with few reefs to worry about. However if you loose it, and you are by yourself, you can end up in Timor Sea during the dry or the cliffs during the wet. The water temps during the dry are a cold 20 to 25deg with wet season temps getting as high as 30 deg. Be prepared to walk great distances during the wet season if you miss the tide, as the tides can range from a 7.5 high to a 0.4 low.

Best year round sailing spots in Darwin are:

Fannie Bay opposite Lake Alexander long reaching runs with green water at high tide during the wet and bump and jump fun in the dry.

Rapid Creek with flat water blasting during the dry and with wind waves to 3m during the wet. Its safe but gear breakage dose occur with the huge amount of white water and strong currents during the wet.

Gove is a 15 hour drive via Katherine with permit, taking in the wetlands, river crossings and don't get out of the vehicle when you get stuck; big lizards (crocs) live in these rivers. Local knowledge and travelling with mates is a must as is a good vehicle, fuel and food. Definitely dry season only. June to August. We have a dedicated group sailing here. A friendly lot, will keep an eye out for each other, uncrowded sailing with plenty of bullshit during the session's and non windy days. There's always to be a beer or two after the session especially on the good days.

Have fun in the sun: Drinking plenty of water is a must during the wet.

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