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A Guide to Wavesailing in NSW
NSW Wavesailing Association members have taken some time off the water to bring you this summary of the wavesailing delights in NSW.

Being right on the coast, Sydney is one of those very rare cities in the world, where some classic wavesailing sits literally on our doorstep. We will regularly see city slickers arriving in the beach car park changing from their office suits and into their board shorts, rushing to get a good wavesailing session in after work in Spring, through Summer and into Autumn.

Water temps range from 24C in late summer down to 18C in the depths of winter and average midday air temperature range from 28C in summer to 18C in winter. Many of us sail with just board shorts and a rashie in summer and a 3mm, short or long armed, long legged steamer in winter.

Plus, thanks to the Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay and Narrabeen Lake, we have the luxury of being able to windsurf in any wind direction.

The prevailing Sydney wind is SE, but summer (Nov to Feb) brings consistent NNE sea breezes of 15knots plus. As a heavyweight (93kg), my most used sail size is 5.8m and the majority of sub 80kg guy’s use 5.3’s. In terms of wind strengths, it is worth clarifying what we get, as from experience, International visitors can have a varied definition of what “windy” is! Sydneysiders reckon it is windy when they are on 4.7 or 4.2’s. The heavier sailors may use their 4.7’s eight times a year as a weekend sailor!

Wavesailing in Sydney is pretty much split between “North shore” and “Southsiders”, i.e. those who live North of Sydney Harbour Bridge and those who live south.

To view the full guide including the tops spots around NSW, check out the full NSW Wavesailing Guide.

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Free pre-loved windsurfing gear for Juniors
OK, we know this sounds too fantastic for words, but it’s true. Read on…

Why is the NSWWA doing this?
Quite simply, this initiative is about helping more youngsters get in the waves to enjoy our awesome sport. The idea was hatched thanks to a father of one of our juniors – Pat Johnson, who quite simply said "More kids would get into Wavesailing and compete if they could afford the gear". Knowing that we NSWWA members have all kinds of old and broken gear lying around the house/shed, there lay the solution!

How do I qualify for this gear?
You will have to meet the requirements below:

1. Be Under 18 at date of request.
2. Have a pulse
3. Have the desire to wavesail!
4. You must commit to entering at least 2
    NSWWA wavesailing competitions each year
    (entry is free for Juniors by the way – you
    only have to pay $40 insurance).
5. You must commit to not on-selling the gear.
6. If you decide to give up the opportunity to
    enjoy the best sport in the world, then you
    have to contact Jason Juretic to return the
7. You can upgrade your gear if you see more
    up to date kit come up for grabs on the web.

What do I have to do to get the gear listed below?
The steps are:

1. Identify the gear you need.
2. Place your “order” by email to the
    co-ordinator, Jason Juretic on
3. Jason will in turn provide the Junior with the
    contact details of the “NSWWA donator”
    offering the gear.
4. The Junior and “NSWWA donator” arrange
    handover at the next competition or at
    another convenient time.
5. Plus, learn on flat water first, then get out in
    the waves AND only go out windsurfing with
     other people!
6. Get out there and have a stack of fun!

To view the list of kit available, go to the NSW Wavesailing website at Free Gear for Juniors Concept.

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See you on the water.

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