Australian Windsurfing

National Windsurfing Scheme
for all sailors, instructors and coaches

Yachting Australia is recognised as the national authority responsible for Windsurfing qualifications and through this scheme issues certificates for proficiency, instructor & coaching levels.

The internationally recognised National Windsurfing Scheme logbook contains a personal log where participants can record their experience as well as certificate pages where instructors can sign off accreditations. A detailed syllabus sets out the required theory and practical components for each proficiency level as well as all requirements and pre-requisites for instructor and coaching levels.

The courses will be assisted by the very successful Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Windsurfing Handbooks, Videos & Manual which are being used in many areas of Australia.


Proficiency Levels

  • Level 1 - Basic Skills
  • Level 2 - Improving Techniques
  • Level 3 - Stronger Winds
  • Level 4 - Advanced Longboards
  • Level 4 - Advanced Shortboards

Instructor Levels

  • Assistant Instructor
  • Basic Skills Instructor
  • Senior Instructor
  • Windsurfing Master

Coaching Levels

  • Club Trainer
  • Windsurfing Coach 1
  • Windsurfing Coach 2

Courses for the proficiency levels are made up of both theory and practical sailing and are broken down into the following categories:

  • Rescue techniques and safety
  • Sailing theory
  • Sailing conditions
  • Windsurfing equipment
  • Launching, starting and landing
  • Sailing techniques and stance
  • Manouvres and turns
  • Rigging and terminology
  • Other aspects and options

Instructor courses are run regularly in each state and meet the requirements of the Australian Coaching Commissions 'National Coaching Accreditation Scheme' (NCAS). The Basic Skills Instructor level carries a Level 1 accreditation.

For more information on Yachting Australia Approved Training Centres contact your local State Yachting Association or check your state windsurfing contact page on this web site.