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Foremost of the Australian user forums, Seabreeze supports our sport with state and discipline pages.

State Forums @ Seabreeze
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia

Also @ Seabreeze try
Windsurfing General
GPS & Speed Sailing

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Windsurfer OD

Blogs & Feeds

The current generation of browsers (IE7, Firefox, Safari, etc) allow you to save your favourite feeds/blogs (RSS, etc) so that you can monitor changes/updates without actually visiting the website. Here's a list of Aussie sites and recommended international ones...

Aussie - States & Clubs
New South Wales - website - feed
South Australia - blog
Western Australia - website

Aussie - Other
The Longboard Windsurfing Journal - website - feed

Aussie - Sailors
AUS120 - Sean O'Brien - website

Neil Pryde - website - feed
Surfer Today - website - feed

Windsurfing New Zealand - website - feed

Worth a Look

A space for other discussion groups that don't fit in Forums & Blogs

ISAF news - feed
Sail Juice - blog
Speedsurfing (Erik Loots) - blog