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Australian Longboards
Mistral One Design - Former Olympic Board
Windsurfer One Design - The first board
Exocet Kona - New kid on the block
Raceboard Class - For all longboards. This is an international class, and in Australia includes the one-designs when they don't have the numbers for a separate division.
Open Class - for raceboards and others that want to be more flexible with the equipment used.

            Vol  Len   Width Weight  Sails
 Kona One   220L 350cm 70cm  15.5kg  5.8,7.4,9.0
 Mistral    235  372   63.5  15.4    6.6,7.4
 Windsurfer 175  366   66    20.0    6

RS:X AustraliaHybrids
RS:X - The Olympic Board

            Vol  Len   Width Weight  Sails
 RS:X       220L 286cm 93cm  15.5kg  8.5,9.5

Starboard Serenity
Starboard Serenity
Photo: Margareta Engstrom - windsurfingmag winter 2007

            Vol  Len   Width Weight  Sails
 Serenity   255L 455cm 61cm  12-14kg 5-10

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Exocet Kona

Kona One Design

The 220 litre Kona longboard appeals to a wide range of abilities. Kona racers compete under one-design class rules with participants assigned to one of three classes:
   Light weight (5.8m sail) 64.9k (143lbs);
   Medium weight (7.4m sail) 65-85k (143-187lbs);
   Heavy weight (9.0m sail) over 85.1k (187lbs).

South Australian Contact:
Darrell Staight

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Raceboard Class

Here's a brief summary of the class equipment limitations.
During a series of races, not more than 1 board, 2 sails, 2 centreboards and 2 fins shall be used (Only 1 of each can be used during a race)

The minimum weight of the board, complete with footstraps, centreboard and fin is 14kg.

Maximum hull width 100.5cm
Hull length 270-380cm

Maximum sail sizes of:
   9.5 sq.m for men and
   8.5 sq.m for Women
these are the international rules.

Rule Variations
Australian National Raceboard Championships
Long Boards ReturnSome divisions sailed were:
Raceboard Open - up to 10.5 sq.m
Raceboard 7.5 sq.m

South Australian Racing
Main divisions sailed are:
Raceboard 7.5 sq.m

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Here at Kingston in the South East of South Australia we still enjoy great Club racing every Saturday throughout the sailing season on longboards. We race Bic Bambas, F2 Lightnings, Fanatic Megacats and AHD 380's all on a Club handicap. The racing is close and great tactically and we get to go out in all weather conditions except if the Club is blown out for the day, then we all sail short boards for the afternoon. The cost is within most peoples capabilities as you only need one board, sail, mast, boom etc to race. We have been reading with interest the new talk about long or raceboards and wonder what the fuss is about as we always knew they were the best option for club racing, families, friends and most importantly the social side of the sport of windsurfing. If the long boards get going again it would be great to all get together once a year so keep in touch, perhaps Kingston can host a Regatta, Championship, Fun Weekend or visit a spot that suits a City group. We really miss the racing at Championships and the friends you make at them. If you would like to race with us this season we still have the Lobster Regatta in January that includes the Annual Cape Jaffa to Kingston Marathon on the Sunday morning.
   Cheers from a contented longboard fan
   Wayne Hancock (Oct 2007)


State, National and World championships can include the following disciplines:
- Course Racing
- Slalom
- Marathon
- Freestyle

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