Australian Windsurfing


Welcome to Windsurfing in Tasmania.

Tasmania is a windsurfing haven with uninterrupted westerlies coming to us via the Roaring 40's, and warm sea breezes throughout summer.

With Tasmania's countless inlets and peninsula's there are opportunities for every aspect of the sport. There are protected waterways for beginners, exhilarating speed runs and extreme wave sailing spots to enjoy.

The windsurfing community welcomes new friends, of all ages, to share the fun on and off the water.

Just beginning and want to find out more?
Windsurfing Tasmania Inc. (WT) represents the community of windsurfers for the promotion and encouragement of the sport in Tassie. You can join Windsurfing Tas as a competitive or social member. Register online on this website, see membership form below, or contact any of the WT committee members at

SeaBreezeThe seabreeze website is a great place to find out more information. If you have any questions at all regarding the sport, post them on the Seabreeze Forum. Sailors from all over Tassie chat on the forum. There is a great club atmosphere and we are always willing to help new people get started in the sport. Register yourself on Seabreeze and join the's free!!!

Forums>Windsurfing>Tasmania or follow this link

Learner boards
All members of Windsurfing Tas have access to a number of Learner Boards. These boards are very stable and easy to learn on. You can hire a board for 1-2 weeks to introduce yourself to windsurfing and then the local retailers can help you choose new or second hand gear that will take you to the next level.

Marty Jack (0428 123 655) in the South
Alan Cook (0448 784 752)
or contact the committee on Seabreeze or at

Learn to windsurf days
These events are held a couple of times through the season in the north and the south. They are for people who have never windsurfed before but would like to give it a go, or beginners who would like to come down and learn more to build their confidence on the water. We supply the boards for those who haven't got any equipment.

Keep a close eye on the Seabreeze forum and we'll let you know the dates, or contact Jo Chau in the South or Al Cooke in the North.

Want to buy gear?
The local retailers (see below) play a big part in helping and guiding newcomers toward the best gear for your ability. With the new style of boards and rigs that are available today it makes it easy to learn.

Check out the Seabreeze Buy & Sell tab There is a wide range of good quality second-hand gear available. If you find something that you think suits you, post on the forum and ask for advice from other sailors before you buy.

Windsurfing Retailers:

Jay Sails
Complete Sailboarding. All Equipment, All Brands.
Damian (DAMO) Wallace
0409 854 754

Want to know where to sail?
Register on the Seabreeze website, post on the forum and explain what your level of ability is. Local sailors will guide you to the right spot for your level of experience. Or just watch the posts on the forum, you'll soon work out where the beginners are sailing. Keep a watch on the forecast; this can be pretty accurate up to four days ahead.

Tassie Windsurfing Spot Guide - The guide gives a fantastic description of all the best windsurfing spots in Tassie which will suit any level and discipline of sailing, in any part of the state. Log on to "The Spot Guide", browse through the site and pick your spot. It gives directions, the best wind and photos of the spot you choose. It's is a great way to get out and explore new sailing spots. 

Speed Sailing
The activity behind the GPS Teams Challenge has created a huge amount of interest. The idea of competing with other sailors anywhere in the state, around Australia and overseas with the use of a GPS fascinates most people whether they sail or not. Ask the local sailors or post on the forum to find out how to join the Tassie Speed Seekers, its great fun and can be as competitive as you like to make it. It's also great for beginners to experts and can really improve your sailing.

 To join the team, register on

Social events
BBQ's down on the beach, or in backyards and sheds are held throughout the season and are a great way to meet other windsurfers. Watch the forum, someone, somewhere will be throwing on a sausage.