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Are Sail Numbers required?

Firstly, it's not necessary to display a sail number on your sails unless you are participating in organised racing of some type. Should this be the case, your sail number is used by the Organisers primarily to identify your finishing position. However, you may not be into competition but still wish to display your own personal number on your sails for whatever reason. Having gone to the expense and trouble of purchasing the appropriate numbers and placing them on your sails (can be a tedious job) you naturally then want to be assured that your particular number is not going to suddenly appear on someone else's sail thereby defeating the very purpose of you using it. This is often the case if the number you select is in popular demand or considered 'trendy'.

To cater for these needs, the Australian Windsurfing Association Inc. has developed a National Sail Number Register. Apart from providing a means of knowing who's using what number on a national basis, it is also a safeguard against other sailors using your registered number.

To register a number is simple. All you need to do is to contact your State Australian Windsurfing Association's Representative and check if the number you want is available. If so, it's just a matter of registering it in your name for your use. If not, your State Representative will be able to advise you regarding what other numbers are available for your use. Your State Representative will also be able to advise you with regards to the size of the numbers and where they should be placed on the sail.

Each State now has the same administration procedure for registering sail numbers. It's worth checking with your State Representative in this regard. It's well worth registering your sail number particularly if you intend to compete in course racing, slalom or waves.

AWA Accredited Sail Measurers
NSW - Bill Joselin (02) 9452 3189
QLD - Linsay Gadsby 0418 715 130

IMCO Class Measurers
NSW - Bill Joselin (02) 9452 3189
WA - Barry Johnson (08) 9385 2098