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For event eligibility, check your Membership Status. If your name is missing, check/complain to your State Association or AWA Rep. Like the sail number register, we will try to keep the list current.

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Membership & Event Payments:
Click the "event" attend button for details, and online payment.

Membership Lists by State
- New South Wales
- Queensland
- South Australia
- Tasmania
- Victoria
- Western Australia

Sail Numbers
It is rare that a member doesn't have an assigned sail number. When someone joins the AWA (via State Assoc membership), if they don’t already have a sail number, then one is automatically assigned. So, check the list before applying for a new number.

Also, around July 1st each year, we update the sail number CULL list. Sailors who are unfinancial for a few years, may lose the right to keep their sail number. more..

In addition to numbers on the cull list, the sail number register shows numbers where the Name = "*," and State = "---". They are are unassigned, and available for reissue.

Special Offer: get your stick-on numbers from Orth Stickers (pdf)

Like our facebook site for the latest news. Otherwise, check out your state's home pages around the web and/or the seabreeze forums.

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